Feature List
Manage Lists & Subscribers

Create Unlimited Lists
Add as many lists as you need to group your subscribers for sending.

Easily Add Subscribers
Add subscribers by importing from a file or copying and pasting.

Store Additional Information
Create custom fields to store additional information for each subscriber. Eg. First name, Last name, Company name, etc.

Create segments from your lists based on rules to target specific types of subscribers.

Auto Responders
Create auto responder emails to be triggered on specific events.

Synchronise subscribers from an external database to your Storm Campaign lists.

Create Subscribe Forms
Add a subscribe form to your website.

Create Great Looking Email Campaigns

Create Format Options
Create new email campaigns by selecting a template from the free gallery, custom template, previous campaign, from scratch or from a web page.

Personalise your Email
Insert data stored for each subscriber to personalise your email for example you can greet your subscribers by name eg. Dear John.

Add Content and Images to Your Campaign
Duplicate template areas, reorder, add content and add images via our easy to use editor.

Embed Images
Select to embed images in your email so that your recipients will receive your email as intended, without having to first download images.

Attach multiple files to your campaigns.

Test / Preview
Send a test email of your campaign to yourself before sending to your list. Your campaign will also run through our spam filter to determine a spam score, enabling you to adjust your email if the score is above the spam threshold for your recipients.

Send your campaign immediately or schedule it to be sent on a specific day and time.

Track Results

Track which links were clicked, how many times and who clicked the link.

Track number of opens for each campaign.

Track forwards via the "forward to a friend" option in the footer of each email.

Browser Views
Track the number of times and who viewed the web version of the campaign.

Track the number of unsubscriptions and which addresses were unsubscribed for each campaign.